The Spiral of Midnight Essays and Karaoke

1:30 AM- The sun has long slithered behind its navy curtain, and the stars wink softly at you as your pen and paper scatter on the desk. The gentle hums of your cat’s snores fill the room with familiarity and warmth. You almost forget the stinging tiredness of your eyes as you force yourself awake at this ungodly hour to begin your essay that’s due in ten hours. Almost.

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Diamonds: Worth Their Weight in Blood

In May of 1991, a diamond costing almost $100 million was finally unveiled by the De Beers Diamond Company. This massive gem, the Centenary Diamond, was discovered at the Premier Mine in South Africa and weighed an impressive 273.85 carats. That same year, a diamond-fuelled civil war broke out in Sierra Leone, lasting over a decade and claiming 75,000 lives.

The Great Leap Forward

It’s a competition just as fierce as its student population. The annual post-secondary fair at Western Canada High School sees the booths and tables, decorated with the proud colours of at least 40 Canadian universities, sing their respective siren songs to the wandering high school student…

The Butterfly

by Iris G. “If you have health, you have mental health.” Sophie’s words struck me when I was listening to her speech. Having mental health issues may hold a child back from attending school and alter her way of interacting with others. When facing anxiety and self-doubt, some people try to disregard their feelings, pretending to be fine. Stigmatization of behavioral differences, pressure from peers or from family family, and other societal factors can punish and cause greater harm to individuals suffering from mental illnesses. Nearly one in five children have a diagnosable psychiatric concern, making mental health the single…

We may be evolved, but down deep, we’re still animals: Unpacking Life of Pi and the High Mountains of Portugal with Yann Martel

As part of our partnership with WordFest, Parallel met Yann Martel on March 15 for a discussion about theism, the profound nature of human relationships with other animals, and Martel’s books The High Mountains of Portugal and Life of Pi. What emerged? His enumerations on what it means to start a writing career, biblical anecdotes, and a sense of humour that sneaks up on you, smoothly. Here we have a play by play podcast style commentary of the audio! You can enjoy Yann Martel’s talk here! Julia: Tonight featuring Yann Martel! Keyi: That was a really good talk, honestly. Look! It us/It’s…